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Fast emerging as one of the leading ERP and CRM companies in India, we leverage the latest available technologies to provide our esteemed clients with end-to-end solutions to help them grow their business to the desired level. Today, we take a lot of pride in having and continuing to serve clients based in India and abroad with our customizable, affordable and efficient web-based ERP solutions.


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Given that various business sectors across the globe in general and Information Technology sector, in particular, are struggling a lot with financial crunch owing to the recession, we have committed ourselves to providing reliable and affordable ERP solutions to help clients from different sectors to continue with their growth plans and achieve the success they always aspired.

A large part of our continued success can be attributed to our friendly, experienced and certified professionals that include ERP consultants, project leaders, project managers, ERP implementers, management graduates and chartered accountants, besides our esteemed clients. Without the help our employees and support from our clients it would not have been possible to achieve so much in so little time!

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As a part of our mission, we intend to provide world-class and reliable end-to-end ERP solutions to various manufacturing and mid-market processes. At the end of the day, our primary objective is to provide benefits to our clients and support them at every stage of the project. We also have the vision to be one of the leading ERP and CRM organizations in India that can deliver on its promises consistently. We are sure that in the coming years, we will have a positive record of serving clients from all walks of life and help them improve their business!

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